Friendships & Marriage

Can a married person have a close friendship with a person of the opposite sex? What are the pitfalls of this kind of relationship?

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Who Is Your Spiritual Father?

Navigating the Christian life is not a solitary journey. It is by design meant to be in concert with other believers so that we can all learn and grow closer to Christ together.

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The Secret Ingredient

What is that secret ingredient that keeps couples holding hands long after others have dropped? How do we ensure our marriage makes it to the rocking chairs?

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Devotion #160

When one spouse is controlled by an irrational fear, it dominates conversations and impacts decisions. This takes a toll on the receiving spouse, breaks down communication, and causes relational strife.

Devotion #159

Fear of the wrong things will keep you from becoming all God intends for you to be, and it will keep your marriage from becoming all that God intends for it to be for you. It will limit your potential and it will destroy your union.

Devotion #158

Perfected love is not a feeling, it is action. So, if the Spirit is moving within us, we see it in action toward our spouse.

Devotion #157

Because we have come to know and believe that the love God has for us is unwavering and relentless, constant and unchanging, unconditional and foundational, we can love our spouses well.

Devotion #156

If we want to demonstrate the kind of refining love in our marriages God calls us to show, then we need to come back to this truth over and over again—we are a broken people in need of a Savior.

Devotion #155

Every single word we say, every single action we take, represents God to the witnesses around us. Even when we are sinned against, we must keep this truth in the front of our minds.

Devotion #154

Is there evidence of God’s Spirit in your marriage? He has given you of His Spirit—He has given you love and truth. Does His love and truth pour out of you?

Devotion #153

Remembering the love God has for us can soften our hearts toward our spouses when we’re caught in those trying moments.

Devotion #152

The mind has great power to remember what God has said about Himself and about us—that’s how we encourage His Spirit to grow within us, that’s how we find hope, that’s how we find love.

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