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“You cannot capture the heart of your spouse until Christ has captured yours.”

The most powerful way to transform your marriage is to come together in prayer and submission to God. We created this site to assist couples who are struggling to live out the kind of marriage that God intends, and to give you practical tools to come together, pray together, and grow together in Christ.

Begin your time together in prayer.

If you have never done this before and have no idea how to begin, check out this article: “Ten Ways to Initiate Prayer with your Spouse.”

  • Start by praising God for who He is and all He’s done in your lives and in your marriage
  • Seek His will in this study—pray for softened hearts and for eyes to see what God wants to reveal to you in your study together of His Word. 
  • Pray that your conversation will be glorifying to God.

Read the devotion out loud.

Reading the devotion together out loud, especially the scripture quotes, give the words a different emotional impact. The Word of God takes on a different dimension when read aloud. Need more convincing? Check out this article: “The Power of the Word Read Aloud.”

  • Read one devotion per day with your spouse—begin with Devotion #1 and move through them in order.
  • Find the verse in scripture and read it from His Word. Often it helps to read a few verses before and after the recommended verse to get important context that can aid in understanding and application.

Answer the following questions out loud, to each other, one at a time.

This might seem difficult, but like physical exercise, the more you do it, the easier it gets. If you have no idea how to confess your sin to another person, or question the importance of this essential spiritual discipline, listen to this conversation with pastor and author, John Piper.

  • What is the promise I can hold?
  • How will I specifically apply this verse to my life today?
  • What is the sin I need to confess?

Close your time together in prayer.

The best way to seal God’s Word to you and your spouse’s hearts is to close in prayer, as the Spirit leads you.

  • Praise God for the truths He revealed to you today.
  • Pray that He continues to draw you close to Him as you seek His wisdom.
  • Pray that He continues to grow the unity in your marriage.
  • Pray that He increases your ability to demonstrate grace in your marriage.

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