Devotion #153

Remembering the love God has for us can soften our hearts toward our spouses when we’re caught in those trying moments.

Devotion #152

The mind has great power to remember what God has said about Himself and about us—that’s how we encourage His Spirit to grow within us, that’s how we find hope, that’s how we find love.

Devotion #151

God is visible when we sacrifice something to demonstrate love; when the gain is only for the other person, never for ourselves.

Devotion #150

If your desire is for your unbelieving spouse to accept Jesus as Savior, or for your spouse to grow in their small faith, then you need to love them with your actions.

Devotion #149

Loving someone who fails to love you is significantly more challenging, but it’s what God calls us to do. It’s what He did for us.

Devotion #148

We will never be able to love our spouses well until we remember how love was first demonstrated to us. Love is action.

Devotion #147

If we are trying to define what love in our marriage should look like, we must start here: God is the very definition of love. We must look vertically before we can ever look horizontally to find the love our hearts desire.

Devotion #146

When you love your spouse with the kind of love that can only come from God, they see Him in you. And when they experience God in this way, their hearts are softened and prepared for change.

Devotion #145

If we are to love as God loves us, we need to love our spouses unconditionally. We need to love them without any expectation of return and whether or not they deserve it.

Devotion #144

True sacrificial love means we lay down what is important to us in favor of what is important to our spouses. We give up our point of view, our beliefs, our comforts, our expectations and we pick up theirs as valuable.

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